Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Fathers Day Donaldus Magnus

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

test test test

Well here we are kicking against the pricks. We were slow to join the myspace wave and now that EVERYONE has a cool new post on their year old blog we are joining in as well. It is really not like me to not be on the cutting edge but I guess it just shows that I'm undergoing the necessary metamorphic changes required for me to be the prototypical out of touch dad for those ever-so fun teenage years to come. Who knows? I hope not. But here we are. We will have plenty to talk about and post about with my parents coming home, Sterling starting pre-school, and the new baby boy coming our way. I hope you enjoy.

Here's our most recent passion. THE RIVER! This is the Blackwater River State Park. It's around 200,000 acres of rivers, long leaf pine and sandy roads. The river, although stained by the pine wood and needles, is amazingly clear and the riverbed is pure white sand making it easy on the feet as you wade and fish. The kids all just got new fishing poles and are excited to go tomorrow again if the weather cooperates. Sterling was excited last week to catch his first freshwater fish, the little perch seen here. He even baited his own hook. He is a true lover of all creatures. He is fascinated with any bug and most reptiles (except for spiders after seeing the spider scene in Harry Potter). The girls are warming up to the fishing thing and are hoping that we go with an easier to bait and less slimy option of minnows over worms tomorrow. Wish us luck!