Monday, May 25, 2009


I found these pictures as I was sending a bunch to winkflash....I had forgotten about them and had to post them. The girls love sleeping together which is not always a plus...meaning that usually talk too much. There are times they are separated but for the most part they are pretty good bunk mates.

Sterling is SO ready to have a brother to sleep with. . . until then, he has his son named "Bobby" to cuddle. Sterling has "adopted" one of the girl's baby dolls. For the most part, we don't see much of Bobby but every once in awhile you will find him in Sterling's arms.

This picture of Andrew is the greatest! John captured this one night when Andrew was sleeping. Obviously, he wasn't too fond of the flash! He was 6 months here!

Dolphin Cruise

Yes you read that correctly...when you live in go on a Dolphin Cruise field trip. Since I went with Julia's class, John went with Caroline. They had a great time. You can see how beautiful the water was and what they were able to see. They had an awesome time.

I couldn't help but add this picture of Sterling...Waiting at the little red school for Mrs. Cynthia (one of his preschool teachers).

What have we been up to?

End of the school year....means LOTS of coming and going! Sterling recently graduated from his preschool...he has been in an awesome program and the Children's Montessori School. He has LOVED it. We have loved it too. The above pictures are from his graduation night...he HAD to wear his suit since he said his "graduation clothes didn't come in the mail?" I guess he was waiting on a cap and gown?

As a fourth grader, Caroline had the opportunity to complete her first science fair project! She was pretty excited about it. She titled it "Biggie or Smallie". She compared the growth that plants would have in just water verses water and soil. She was one of the top ten projects in the 4th grade.

Julia has just about completed 2nd grade and by her picture you can tell that she is more than ready to be done! Summer here we come!

He doesn't even have a say!

The girls cannot help themselves...poor Andrew. They are always up to something...As you can see, he does not mind being their personal baby doll. Hard to believe Andrew is 8 months already!

Andrew has two teeth!

I found this video off of Caroline's camera....So glad that Andrew's big sis is documenting his life! I thought it was pretty cute. His bottom two teeth broke through about 3 weeks ago. I hate to see the teeth in his gumline....I love baby gums.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Caroine is a photographer!

Yes these are all random might be wondering what they have to do with each other....they were all taken by the same photographer...aka Caroline. Caroline has been saving her money and finally had enough to purchase her own digital camera. She has LOVED having it and takes it just about everywhere. These are some of the random pictures she has taken. She is figuring out how it works and the different options. In fact the picture taken by Caroline of Sterling was per his request .... "Caroline, take my picture in Sepia".... nothing like being educated in the digital work of photography! I had to include the crazy self portrait picture that Caroline took of she and Julia...Classic isn't it? I am sure she will LOVE that I have posted that on our blog. And yes that is her little toy aka Andrew. She is always caring him around and is always playing with him. He is better than her baby dolls. He obviously isn't big enough yet to ride on this little walker but Caroline rigged it up to make it so he doesn't fall off. As you can see, he doesn't seem to mind! And the last picture was taken as we were leaving New Orleans...I thought it was a pretty nice sunset picture.

A Dip in the Water...New Orleans Style!!

We had the opportunity yesterday to make a quick trip over to New Orleans for Todd's baptism. What a wonderful day it was! The kids were able to spend time with their cousins and ALL of them were so sad to leave....

I found the above picture of Todd on Caroline's camera....The ward building that Cary and Katrina usually meet in is being rebuilt so they are meeting in an old building that use to belong to the RLDS church. My kids thought the font was pretty was up behind the podium. I was surprised with as much excitement there was between my kids and Cary and Katrina's that no one fell in!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reading can be dangerous!

The other night the kids were misbehaving and I sent them to their rooms to sit on their beds. Prior to sitting on her bed, Julia came into the living room to grab a library book to read. As Julia was walking back to her room, this was the conversation that Sterling had with me:

Sterling: "Mom, do you know that reading can be dangerous?"
Me: laughing to myself, "Why is that Sterling?"
Sterling: "Because you can get a paper cut."

He said this very seriously and matter of joking. We got a pretty good laugh!