Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Digestion anyone?

We have quite a few scrawny little squirrels that LOVE to hangout in our back yard...destroying our yard...eating our seeds....I don't noticed it much but it bugs John. He has a little pellet gun that he will occasionally use to decrease the squirrel population. He did this the other day. After getting the squirrel, Sterling runs out after John asking him, "Dad, are we going to digest this squirrel?" Some may think we must eat squirrel in is making reference to last summer when John thought he would teach a bit of anatomy to the kids when a not so lucky squirrel came into John's view....Sterling meant to say, "Dad, are we going to dissect this squirrel?" Gotta love that kid!


Sarah Smiles said...

Dissect! Thats funny!
We hate squirrels with a passion here in Tx...had a family of them living in the attic for some time...we are hoping to NOT repeat that scenario this summer!!

Colton Anne said...

Funny kid he is! I will always remember how he used to say his name so cute with his "L" sound! Have fun digesting! :)

Cary & Katrina Sanders said...

That is too funny!! We had a squirrel that was road kill that Cary used to dissect with the boys!
Those Sanders boys!!
We had a squirrel cause some major problems in our sewer pipes once. . . pesty critters they are!

John Sanders said...

I have to mention how interested Sterling was and not the least bit bothered by holding the heart, lungs and you got it the brain of that little critter. All in the name of science of course. I had to hearken back to the days of high school science lab when after disecting a bull frog, extracted his eyes and put them in a girls locker so that they were staring right at her when she opened it up. . . Oh. . . the shreiks and screams will resonate in my mind for ever. . . tons of laughs for all. I guess she got over it. We're friends on facebook now.