Monday, March 30, 2009

Who determines the first beach trip?

So I want to know who determines when it is actually warm enough to go to the beach? My kids think that ANYTIME is warm enough to head to the sandy shores. There were many spring breakers walking up and down in their swimsuits....I know they must have been FREEZING....As mentioned in another post, mom is here visiting after Julia's baptism. We wanted to make the most of her time with us so we headed to the beach today. The high was suppose to be 74.....capri weather right? That is what I told mom and I changed out of my jeans into some capris to be cool enough. However, as soon as we got on the beach...I knew that it was much too cool for me. If it was too cool for me, then I knew it would be for mom as well. So I headed back to the van to get a throw for mom and my sweater. As you can tell by the pictures, it doesn't matter to the kids what the temperature is! I am sure this is the first of many visits to the beach this summer! We are glad that Jani was able to go with us!


Merilee said...

Wow, the beach looks so fun, even though it does look a little chilly. And to think we will be moving colder! You can always come see us in Ohio! We'll share all the snow we have!